Our curriculum consists of 20 semester hours of core courses and 12 semester hours of electives. Our core provides foundational knowledge in bioinformatic computational methods, programming, and statistics. Electives then offer students the flexibility to build knowledge in the life and computer sciences as well as specialize based on their interests. Student usually take two years to complete the program.

Required Core (20 SH)

BIOL6308 Bioinformatics Computational Methods 1 (4 SH) – semester 1
BIOL6309 Bioinformatics Computational Methods 2 (4 SH) – semester 2
BIOL6200 Bioinformatics Programming (4 SH) – semester 3

MATH7340 Statistics for Bioinformatics (4 SH) – year 1
BIOL7385 Bioinformatics Seminar (2 SH) – take at least 1 seminar topics course
BIOL6381 Ethics in Biological Research (2 SH) – year 1

Electives (12 SH) – Students take a diverse array of graduate electives in biology, chemistry, math, and computer sciences depending on their background and strengths. Sample electives include: Molecular Modeling (CHEM5638); Database Management (CS5200); Molecular Cell Biology (BIOL6301); Graduate Biochemistry (BIOL6300); Web Development (CS5610)

The required co-op internship (BIOL6964) can be started any time after the completion of 16 credits of graduate coursework.