Our mission is to promote the development, use and commercialization of computational approaches to help solve biological problems, and to provide training in the science and technology that underlies them. 

Northeastern University’s Master of Science degree program in Bioinformatics provides the cross-disciplinary training in biology, computer science, and information technology—along with real-world experience—that prepares graduates to play pivotal roles in today’s cutting-edge life science, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries, including:

• Genomics
• Proteomics
• Personalized Medicine
• Drug Discovery
• Cancer Therapy

Our curriculum combines core coursework in bioinformatic computational methods, programming, and statistics with graduate electives that offer students the flexibility to specialize and build broader knowledge in both life sciences and computer science. The university’s signature experiential learning model connects students with leading industry employers through three- or six-month co-ops that integrate classroom study with a practical, professional experience. With a degree in Bioinformatics from Northeastern University, graduates secure a solid foundation on which to jumpstart their careers and the necessary skills to perform and achieve in a competitive job market.

Our program is offered in Boston and Seattle.  Both programs are offered on a full- or part-time basis and are designed to enable students to build their careers while maintaining their lives. 

Boston: Northeastern’s main campus is located in Boston, Massachusetts, a city known for world-class biomedical research, innovation in the life sciences, leading pharmaceutical corporations, and biotech companies—both large and small. In Boston, courses are offered in the late afternoon and evening to accommodate the work schedules and family commitments of working adults.  Online courses are also available during fall and spring semesters.

Seattle: Northeastern’s West Coast campus for graduate studies is located in Seattle, Washington, a city synonymous with software development, Internet titans, information technology, and biotechnology.  Seattle courses are offered in a flexible online and on-campus hybrid format for our Washington state students. International students requiring student visa sponsorship to study full-time cannot apply to the Seattle program.

Please see our How to Apply page for more information about application deadlines and program requirements.