Open Classroom: America, Islam & the Middle East

Our Open Classroom was held every Tuesday evening, starting in the Fall 2011 semester. The class was open to the entire Boston community, and of course to all students at Northeastern.  The course is now over, but please check back regularly for website updates by journalists, professors, and policy makers from across the US, the Middle East, and the Muslim world.

Topics include:

  • US media coverage of Muslims, Islam, and Islamic traditions;
  • US policy making – an “insider’s view”;
  • Women’s participation in “the Arab Spring” and social protest movements;
  • Islam in America;
  • power and policy making in Muslim-majority societies;
  • elections in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia;
  • and others. (see Course Schedule for weekly topics and speakers)

We gratefully acknowledge the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Social Science Research Council for their support of this project. The course is co-taught by:

Rami Khouri, Director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy & International Affairs, American University of Beirut

Denis Sullivan, Professor of Political Science and Director, Middle East Center for Peace, Culture, and Development, Northeastern University

Sheila Kohanteb, PhD Candidate, Political Science, and Research Fellow, Middle East Center, Northeastern University

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