Novel Cellular Structures and Sandwich Materials
F4-J (Phase 1)

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Military systems and structures must survive, as well as function in, harsh environmental conditions and extreme loads (e.g. sudden changes in temperature, intense winds and drag forces, fire, projectile impact and explosion). In order to withstand these loads, lightweight and volumetrically-efficient protective and structural concepts must be devised that are highly reliable and structurally efficient. To address those challenges, we developed a new class of ultralight cellular structures by exploiting topological hierarchy, self-similarity and fractal geometries. Using a blend of analytical, numerical and experimental techniques, we explored the behavior and deformation mechanisms of these structures over a range of loadings. In addition, we continued our work related to studying the behavior and performance of sandwich panels and sandwich-walled structural systems.

Our results could help better understand the behavior and function of engineered and biological cellular materials, and develop a new class of energy absorbent cellular structures.
F4-J Project Overview: ALERT Year 4 Annual Report
Project Leader
  • Ashkan Vaziri
    Northeastern University

Faculty and Staff Currently Involved in Project
  • Jim Papadopoulos
    Associate Research Scientist
    Northeastern University

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Hamid Ebrahimi
    Northeastern University